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The Natural Beauty of the Franklin area and surrounding region

Living in Franklin and the surrounding region is a spectacular feeling knowing that around every bend in the road you are quite possibly surrounded by awe inspiring nature and a long history of native tales and folklore. The sites you experience and the beautiful settings along with their wonderful stories may leave you breathless. So many natural wonders surround our community here in the Great Smoky Mountains; lakes, rivers, waterfalls, valleys, mountains, woodlands, pastureland, hiking trails, sacred Cherokee mounds and the scenery or wildlife along the greenways.

Many of the breathtaking sites have lovely names steeped in the long history of the Cherokee nation such as Wayah Bald. It was named “Wa-ya”, the Cherokee word for wolf, after the red wolves that once inhabited the area. Spear points found on the bald indicate that indigenous people used the area as hunting grounds more than eleven thousand years ago. Chunky Gal is another local favorite with the story going like this; Young Cherokee lovers announced their intention to marry. The young Cherokee maidens father opposed the marriage so the young lovers ran away. Her father put together a band of warriors to track them down and they came upon them at a spring upon the steep mountain in the clouds where the young lovers had stopped to rest. The father ran the young brave off, threatening to skin him alive if he ever returned and then took his daughter back home. From that day on the mountain where the enraged father tracked the young lovers down became known to the Cherokee as Chunky Gal.

Some more beauty lies to the southeast of Franklin along the twisting road to Highlands in the way of 3 lovely waterfalls. Bridal Veil Falls is a spectacular site which once had a roadway running directly behind the falls and you were allowed to drive your vehicle underneath. The roadway has since closed but you can park your car in the parking lot nearby and follow the trail down to the falls. Dry Falls, is a 65-foot waterfall located alongside the same roadway. Quarry Falls has a large and deep pool at the bottom and is a popular place for swimming during the summer heat. Quarry Falls is known to the locals as “Bust-Your-Butt-Falls” or “Sliding Rock”. Cullasaja Falls is the last major waterfall on the Cullasaja River and you can catch a glimpse of the falls while driving by, however, there is no place to park so the safest view is from your vehicle as you pass by.

This brief description should be whetting your appetite for more, most likely drawing you towards the region to experience this true natural beauty firsthand. Allow me to show you around when you are ready to purchase your home or property.

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